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Republic of Georgia
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I love Tom Clancy's movies: intrigue, excitement, fast cars, guns!

"As the police car began to stop the bus, the police were in for a surprise. The first cop encountered the working end of an AK-47 through the bus window. The occupants of the unmarked car following the bus had surrounded the police car, Uzi's in the cops' faces. As the bus, following it's lead car, sped away, the cops sat motionless."

"The cops now recognized the men in suits as President Shevardnadze's body guards."

No, wait! That's not a scene from a movie. That was the Cathedral team on the way to the orphanage! Man, are they living life large, or what? As it turns out, Greg Jenkins had arranged for the security detail. Now how does this happen? Well, as it turns out, Shevardnadze was in the Oval Office with "W" as Stephanie was calling Donna. I guess all the men in suits don't get to travel. She said they were kinda like Secret Service, or Mafia, or, well, she wasn't sure, but they were well dressed and had machineguns. A nice combination, I would say. We have a non-smoking policy with all our drivers, this trip was no exception. When the driver and his helper "lit up", they told them no. When the man in the suit, with the machinegun, "lit up", well it just wasn't that big of a deal.

Stephanie was telling us of their exploits in Georgia. She went on to say how the men "secured" the orphanage grounds before letting them out of the bus. Each building, down to each room, was inspected before any of the team was allowed in. One kept an eye on the horizon, as the others accompanied the team, as they went about their business. Oh, one thing Don Crain learned, when there are men in suits with you, you can't, uh, well, have a private moment in the bushes. After all, there are no indoor bushes until the water is hooked up.

Now I guess they are spoiled, I just don't know if an old Texas Peace Officer will suffice with this picky crowd. What short memories they have, the badge did impress the KGB, and saved us the fine, or bribe, from the Tbilisi police. Oh, well, being the home base e-mailer (with a badge) IS an important job! I am not one to be trifled with...if you want information from Georgia.

All things considered, I think these people, the team, are just having too much fun. Stephanie did mention that they did, in fact, actually have some time with the orphans.

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