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Russia, Republic of Georgia, Sri Lanka, India, and Haiti

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Email Updates - 2009

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” —Proverbs 19:21

Our most exciting adventures always start with a plan, but rarely does the plan materialize as we think. 

The vision is now clear and confirmed.  The cost of transporting the “free” food from Pearland was too great.  We decided the wise thing to do was to take the $2000 it would have cost for “free” fruit and purchase medical supplies.  We are taking 4 pulse oximeters, cases of pain relievers, 24 children’s crutches, nebulizer, liquid for feeding tubes, and 1,400 doses of antibiotic cream. 

Thursday afternoon, Stephanie and I will drive to Bradenton, Fl, where Sam’s Club will have everything we have purchased palletized and load it into our 16 foot truck.  We will then drive to Venice, Fl, to meet the Agape flight.

You have purchased:

  1. A pallet of Baby food – vegetables and fruit – 3600 cups
  2. 2 pallets of Baby Rice and Oatmeal cereal – 480 lbs
  3. Similac 27/27 – 756 lbs
  4. A pallet of Cheerios – 216 large boxes
  5. Graham crackers – 192 boxes
  6. Hand Sanitizers 

They have asked for crutches, adult and children.  We put out the call crutches and our faithful Treasures’ Family answered the call.  We are taking some with us, while others are shipping theirs to the warehouse. 

Please, pray for us two “old” ladies, as we make the 2000 mile journey in 3 ½ days.

You still have time to participate, if the Lord so leads you.  You can donate online at   The donate button is on the top right corner. 
Checks can be mailed to:
Treasures of the Heart
1345 Broadway
Beaumont, TX  77701-2109
If you need anymore information, please call Stephanie at 409.898.1937 
Just a reminder, 100% of your donation will go to the needs in Haiti.
Donna, Stephanie, and Howard

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