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The Miracle of Multiplication

When the reports came about the six infants who froze to death in their wet beds, because the orphanage had no heat, Stephanie was heartbroken. She reasoned that a blanket was no longer worth $20… it was worth a life. If she could take just six blankets to Russia, it would be worth her airfare. As she was willing to step out, the Lord had a plan ready.

First, a team of 11 was formed. Then, Pastor Leora Wagliardo and her Singles Group from Cathedral in the Pines, hearing of the children’s plight, had a baby shower for Dubovka Baby House. They received two outfits for every baby and toddler. Ladies from the church made sheets and blanket covers, while 4-H students made pillow cases. Toys, shoes, and baby needs of all kinds were donated.

Cathedral in the Pines Church asked, "How much money do you need for a successful mission?" With plans to help 8 orphanages, Voronezh Children’s Hospital, and a boys’ prison, the answer was, "$10,000".

The church apologized when they could only provide $5,000. Stephanie said, "Don’t worry. If God wanted $10,000, he would have provided $10,000. Therefore $5,000 must be enough." The money was taken to Russia. The Lord was waiting for it.

Some would say it was a coincidence that the day the money arrived was the very day the ruble devalued. The $5,000 became $10,000, instantly! The planned purchases were made that day. Coincidence or God's plan?

Though the Russian government adjusted their prices to match the devalued ruble the next day, it didn’t matter, the purchases had already been made. $10,000 worth. Click here to view the documentation.

When the team arrived at Dubovka Baby House, the director cried when saw all the baby formula. They had only enough baby formula for the rest of the day. The next day would have found the baby bottles empty.

Stephanie rejoiced, knowing God had His hand on the orphans. She knew as long as someone was willing to obey His voice, He would reveal His plan… who, what, where, when, and how.

The team had fun painting the orphanage, playing with and dressing the babies and children, and sharing the love of Jesus with the staff and children.

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