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Voronezh Children's Hospital

Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, in Beaumont, Texas, has been a wonderful blessing to children and hospitals, wherever God sends Treasures. They have donated supplies from band-aids to open heart surgery equipment. As we inventory a new box full of supplies, we sometimes think, "Why would anybody want this?" Within a day or two, a request for those specific items, as well as for others, will come in. The answer is placed in our hands, while the need, as yet unknown to us, is enroute.

September, 2001, we delivered 6 suitcases of special pediatric supplies to Voronezh Children's Hospital. As Dr. Natalie Yudina gave a tour to one of our team nurses, she described a room as a central venous line room, "if we had any." Guess what was in one of the suitcases, that's right...boxes and boxes of central lines. These are a "prize" for the doctors, as many of their patients are children with cancer. The lines are placed into the small veins for long-term treatment.

Dr. Elena Balakireva, neurologist, explains what the children are suffering with before we go to pray for them.

Dr Natalie greets us

Gifts we brought

Dr. Elena & Gary


The young lady in the photo with Dr Elena, on the right, is an orphan. Her only living relative is an elderly grandmother that cannot adequately care for her. She has recovered from the illness that brought her to the Children's Hospital, but she does not want to leave. If she leaves the hospital grounds, she will be placed in an orphanage. Her desire is to become a nurse, and this would prevent her from attending the nursing program next year. We told her to study hard, make good grades, and Treasures would find the funds to send her to nursing school.

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