Treasures of the Heart Flight of Love


We had great news from Jan and Bud Bonnema, Children of the Promise Orphanage.

If you remember, Children of the Promise is in need of supplies, due to the earthquake in Haiti. The last weekend in January, we drove medical supplies and food to Agape Flights in Venice, Florida.

Unlike big groups, Agape Flights can fly into Haiti, landing their plane on a grass field. The lines of communications  are very difficult, due to all the needs at the orphanage, but they did call yesterday.

The orphanage staff met the plane in the open field to receive 1/2 of our shipment.  What a blessing to know all your generous gifts are already in the hands of the kids.

We can never say it enough, we are humbled by your gifts of love.  May God bless each of you who helped us collect supplies, clean and pack crutches, prayed for our journey, people who just dropped by to give money to pay for gas to make the trip, and donated funds to help us purchase food.


Please continue to pray for Jan and Bud as they face Bud's continued cancer treatment, and the placement of very ill children.  Twenty-nine of their kids, who were in process of adoption, are now in the States with their families. They will foster the children in the USA until their adoptions have been finalized

Tragically, at least 10 critically injured Haitian children have died waiting for a flight to the USA.