Treasures of the Heart - "Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving"

“Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving” is our theme for this trip to Russia, November 19 - 28. We are calling this our Dream Team, as these returning team members, all of whom are teachers, have been such a blessing to Treasures over the last 11 years. This will be our first trip with t-shirts targeted to the 4 ministries.    

Keeping Kids at Home  - "You are Precious in His Sight"

The single moms from our Comfort families feel alone in their situation. We have planned an amazing Tea Party for them. Our theme is, “You are Precious in His Sight”. The food and goodie bags are equivalent to what we would provide for our ladies get-together. Dr. Tanya Goldbeck will encourage their hearts with her message of healing, our own Angela Pickering and Laurie Harris will bathe their souls with praise and worship, and our precious servant, Barbara Liming, will feed their stomachs. Stephanie, Donna, Howard, and Chris Breaux will be the Treasures’ gofers. We anticipate hearts and minds to be refreshed and renewed. The next day we are treating the moms to a day at the spa, to refresh their bodies. The children will have a great play date at a new children’s activity center.

Murom Orphanage  - "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord"

What a surprise to us, last summer, when we arrived in Russia with tons of musical instruments and training tools, to find closed doors to our intended use. Ok, God, we thought we had a plan. He did.

Lena told us of an orphanage in Murom, the town where her parents live. She said she would check with them, and see if they were open to a visit by Americans. Murom's director, who has taken a fresh approach to living in an institution, welcomed us with open arms. The kids are learning fine arts, as they go to school. Already winning awards with ancient instruments, our instruments looked like a gift from Heaven. Huh… imagine that!

Having instructors for each of the various instruments we took, except the violin, the director got busy and found an outside teacher. The kids took First Place, in their first contest.

We were unable to visit Murom, last year, when the government quarantined the orphanage, due to the flu.

This trip, our team will teach, entertain with music, and provide crafts for the kids.

Vladimir Children’s Hospital - "Jesus turned my sorrow in the joyful Dance"

One our most rewarding ministries is Vladimir Children’s Hospital, where we are given complete access to the sick kids. Our “ticket” into the hospital has been the quality of the toys and the medical equipment we take. We will break into teams of two, an American and a Russian, and visit each child. The sick child will be given a toy, the mom will be given a Russian Bible, for those willing we will pray, and share Jesus with the children and their families.  As our t-shirts say, "Jesus turned my sorrow in the joyful Dance".

Treasures has three Comfort families who touched our hearts.
Because of Comfort Families, these children are living in loving homes instead of an orphanage.

Sveta was 14 when she gave birth to Yaroslava, three years ago. Sveta is going to high school and raising her baby. We are helping her financially, but we wanted to encourage her with some extras for her little girl, Yaro, who has to wear hand-me-down boy’s clothes. We are taking her new, pretty little girl clothes, jackets, coats, and undies.

The Shefcheks, a Christian couple, were told they could not have a second child. Well, they are at 15 kids and counting. Number 16 will be there before we arrive in November! They are a wonderful, happy family, living in a two bedroom house. The dad has been remodeling the house, slowly. God has not shown us what we are to do for them on this visit, but He will.

Last, but not least, we have a single mom, with 4 little girls. They are living in a one bedroom apartment. We will investigate their needs.

As always, we covet your prayers, as we spend most of our days on the Russian roads. Our prayer is for God’s perfect will for this mission, as we endeavor to show the face of Jesus to people who have not heard the Good News.

If one of these projects touches your heart and you would like to donate toward the plan, there are two ways to give. 

  1. Visit our website and make a PayPal donation
  2. Mail a check to: Treasures of the Heart, 1345 Broadway, Beaumont, TX  77701

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” —Proverbs 19:21