Once again, we are amazed as God adjusts our thinking. We were finished with Russian winters, they are just too cold. We barely returned this summer before we realized we are going back for Christmas!

Sharing Christmas with the Comfort families is the driving force for our return. We are planning a Christmas party for all the Comfort families, not only the Treasures’ families, including a gift for each of the 51 children. We will provide their New Year’s meal, as well. This is the new ministry we have joined, helping families avoid having to give up their kids to orphanages.

Expecting to have Christmas in India, we did not have a Russian winter trip in ‘08. During our Summer ’09 Russian trip, the Vladimir Children’s Hospital administrator shared how much they missed us. She walked with us, as we visited the sick kids and their families. She smiled, watching the excited kids, as we allowed them to select a gift from our suitcases. We are humbled by the opportunity to pray with, and share our hearts with the worried moms.

Of course, providing much needed hardware for the hospital is vitally important, as well. This year, Treasures will deliver the 4th and 5th neonatal IV pumps.

When one door closes, as it did in Barskoe Gorodische, another opens. The Murom orphanage received a well equipped music room, when our plans changed from Barskoe this summer. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, God knows His stuff. Murom had an accomplished music program, but had never seen a new musical instrument. Once again, He is putting His plan together. This trip will include a couple more instruments and a gift for each child.

The director sent word he would like Treasures to form a relationship with his kids. That is what Treasures is all about…relationship, relationship, relationship. We want the kids to know there is more than just ‘stuff’ to be had from us. They learn they are important to us, personally.

This year, we have a new team member joining Stephanie, Donna, and me. This will be her second….no, fir…no, secon… Well, she went once before, but not really, but, yes, she did. Olivia Barlow, age 7, went on the Dental mission in 2002, but at the time, she was 6 months in utero. Hopefully, she will remember this trip!

Please, add us to your prayer list.  We depart December 26 and return January 5th.

3 Opportunities to Minister to the Needy Children of Russia
1. Comfort Families - A Christmas party for 20 families.  We will supply groceries for their New Year’s meal. $30 per family.  Each child will receive a Christmas gift. $25 per child
2. Murom Orphanage - Adopt an orphan for a onetime Christmas $20 gift.

Vladimir Children’s Hospital - We go to each room and give gifts and Bibles to the sick children. $20 per child

Two ways to donate:
Online at www.treasuresoftheheart.org or
Mail to: Treasures of the Heart 
1345 Broadway Beaumont, TX 77701