Treasures of the Heart: Many reasons to be thankful!

It seems like Treasures has been very quiet this year, but we are constantly working.  We now have photos and completed projects to share with you, starting with the water filters at Barskoe.  Your faithfulness is heartwarming.
Ten years later, a dream has come true. From our first trip to Barskoe Gorodische Orphanage, Suzdal, Russia, we have always been concerned with the quality of the water. Whether health concerns for drinking, or staining clothes with heavy iron content, the need for filtration was obvious. Today, the kids have clean water!

We began the avalanche of paperwork in January of this year. We are always amazed, not to mention frustrated, as we watch the government allow kids to drink stinky, nasty water for so many years, but when the opportunity arises to improve the conditions, everyone and their brother has to sign off on the project.

Lena searched tirelessly for the best system, at the best price. Finding the right supplier, she took a water sample to Moscow for testing. Based on the report, the correct filter was selected.

Over the last 8 months of hoop jumping, we have installed the filter system, a precipitation tank, rewired the room, and moved the sewer lines away from the water pipes. Praise God, it is completed and will be ready for the new school year.

Once again, we could not have done this without our hands and feet on the ground in Russia. We thank God for the young Russian Christians who have a heart for the orphans, as they are such a small minority. I am sure Lena and Uri now know more about water and filters than they ever thought they would.

Barskoe's New Clinic and Isolation Room

We began planting the seeds in 1998 by giving them the basic comforts any child needs.  With each improvement, the orphanage workers began to think of ways they could impact the lives of the kids, from being foster parents on holidays and summer vacation, to finding funding to help pay for remodeling, and to contacting Russian companies to help.  

A closet served as nurse's room at Barskoe.  A small desk, mostly empty cabinet, and a tiny wooden cot was the extent of their medical care.  Two people could not stand side by side in the room.  Our hearts leapt when we were told, "We will remodel a room for the nurse, can you help with the supplies?" 

Director Marina remodeled another room and Treasures purchased all the equipment.  It is so gratifying to watch as they begin to take responsibility for the needs of the kids.

We have been in hospitals from the north to the south of Russia, this room is nicer than 90% of them.  How exciting!  


This year, we added a woodworking shop and a computer lab to help with job skills.  In 1999, we took in sewing machines to help the girls learn a trade.  They are now in the process of remodeling the sewing room and a Russian company has donated additional sewing machines. 

Russian people are experiencing the same hardships we are in this country.  Fuel cost are going through the roof and driving the cost of everything from food to clothing out of the reach of most people.  This is why we are so encouraged by the fact Barskoe is receiving help from the outside.  In the back of our minds, we have always known, one day, the door may close and we cannot help the kids as we have.