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Email Updates - 2009

Hi Everyone!

Last week Treasures journeyed Agape Flights in Venice Florida. We brought over $10,000 worth of baby and children's food and medicine for Haiti! They will transport it to our friends Jan and Bud Bonnema who built Children of the Promise Orphanage in Haiti. They in turn will share the blessings with another orphanage and two surviving local hospitals.

First stop was Sam's Club at Bradenton, Florida where we purchased 4 huge pallets of baby food, baby formula, children's cereals and snacks, Aspirin and Advil.

Howard hired and drove a 16 foot Budget truck, and Sam's Club loaded everything for us. Richard rode with Howard, followed by Donna and Stephanie, whose van was filled to overflowing! Agape Flights was just 30 more miles in Venice, Florida.

People have also donated over 100 crutches for those who have amputations because of the recent earthquake! Because of your efforts, Haitians with leg amputees will not have to crawl around in the dirt, rather stand up high, and better fend for themselves in life.

Thanks for your generosity to those in need...

Stephanie, Donna, and Howard

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