Treasures of the Heart in Service to Indian Children, there are no "Untouchables" in God's Kingdom

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Dear Stephanie,Donna, Howard and Team,

Greetngs to you from Ashir orphan Children Home in Jesus name.

thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. we are doing well, trusting same thing with you.again i am glad to tell you that all the orphan children are so happy in hearing news that you stephanie and team going bless them with bunk beds and also will visit them. in fact we are all praying for the Lords guideance and blessings on you.

We attached the bunk beds and old beds information here.

1. BUNK BED COST: 9870(nine thousand eight hundred seventy rupees)--$235.

1. MATRESS PRICE.2450 (two thousand four hundred fifty rupees)--$58.30

1. BLANKET, SHEET AND PILLOW PRICE. 510 (five hundred ten rupees)--$12.DOLLARS 14 CENTS

We are talking to physician, we will get back you about this very soon.

We are thankful you dear people of God for your heart for orphans and willingness to help them. Please give our thanks all the brothers and sisters. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him. Looking forward to hear from you.

In Christ.

Pst. Ashir and children.

Treasures is off to India

"Have you ever thought about going to India?"  We get that question quite often. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” I mean, after all, it’s not hot enough in Texas.

In early 2000, we teamed up with Stephanie’s brother, Peter Churms, and his good friend, Shadrach Peter, of Raicher, India, to build an orphanage in the region of Hyderabad, about 100 miles away.  We fell in love with Shadrach and his wife, Gladys, when they visited us in Beaumont, in 2002.

Shortly after we began building an orphanage on Shadrach’s foundation’s land, we found, sadly, our visions had grown in different directions, as Shadrach’s began to turn to education, and ours remained the care of orphans.  Peter took over our project and built a clinic.

We never stopped investigating, but every time we thought we had a ministry we could partner with, the door was shut and padlocked.

This year, we began with the same question, India?  In May, we began the search again.  We found an orphanage, The Great Commission, whose statement of faith and philosophy mirrored Treasures’.  “Surprisingly”, it is located within a few miles of Shadrach’s school, near Hyderabad.

We began praying for an opportunity to connect.  We do not invest money without a person in country to insure the kids will get the benefit.  I know you won’t believe this, but not everything on the internet is as represented. No, really, I’m serious. Really.

Sometimes, when opportunities appear, they have proper names.  This one is named Shanti.  Donna works for our son, Stefan, and Charlie Cooper, at AmeriCommerce.  Shanti recently became an employee there.  If you had to guess, and I’m telling you now, you have to, where would you guess Shanti lived, before she came to the US? If you said India, you are right. Any other answer is wrong. 

The next morning, after finding The Great Commission, Donna asked Shanti where she lived in India.  If you have been with Treasures very long, you already know the answer…Hyderabad.  Yes, she has family there! Hmmm… Seems like Someone is directing paths, huh?

Shanti called the director, Rev. M.N. Ashirvadam, to make contact, and ask if her family could visit.  Her brother-in-law visited Rev. Ashirvadam and was given permission to visit Ashraya (a home for the homeless) Orphanage.

In the meantime, a couple of unwanted visitors came to the Gulf, Gustavo and Ike.  After AmeriCommerce’s office was back up and running in Beaumont, Shanti told us her sister had made TWO surprise visits to Ashraya.  Already, we knew we could trust her family to watch after Treasures’ interest.

A very important issue with Treasures, indeed, an otherwise deal breaker, is the home cares for children from all castes. Yes, the caste system is still very much in practice, as from the days of old. There are no ‘untouchables’ in God’s house, nor are there in Treasures’.

We look for two primary areas to work with, as we research orphanages, the physical and spiritual needs of the children, which are not being met.

  1. Meeting the basic needs of children without parents, like food, medicine, beds, sheets, clothes, toys, etc.
  2. We want to use medicine to heal the body and, hopefully, touch the soul.  We wanted to find a ministry interested in going into the small villages, bringing healing for both the body and the soul.  We will take Bibles translated into their languages, so the doctors can give the Word to patients.


After we live the Gospel of Jesus’ love for them, to them, through physical needs, they are receptive to hearing the Gospel of this love preached. Funny how it works that way.

Shanti’s sister was very impressed with the kids, as they were polite and looked well cared for.  She took treats for them to enjoy.

With Shanti’s help, Stephanie, Donna, and I phoned Rev. Ashirvadam on October 2.  After visiting for a few minutes, as Stephanie told him about our dream of a visiting doctor, the Rev. gasped, “That is our dream, too!”

We asked about beds. Yes, they would love to have bunk beds, a Treasures’ forte!  They have 64 kids, so they will need 32 beds, at $200 each.  Mattresses and sheets add another $100.  We will begin with this project.

Our medical dream is already funded!  Praise God!!  As of now, the list is:

  • Portable EKG machine
  • Glucose testing meter
  • Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Otoscope
  • Pulse oximeter

    Our plans are to visit Ashraya Orphanage after Christmas.  We are way too soft to endure an Indian summer.  Besides, we have an ambitious summer trip to Russia, but more to come on that, later.  There are two options:

    Stephanie, Donna, and I will take the medical equipment to India December 26.  The largest obstacle to this plan is travel expenses. 

    Or, Vitaly and I will take the equipment to India after Christmas.  When Donna told Vitaly about finding an orphanage in India, he was so excited.  He said he has been praying for India since 1993.  Donna told him, this orphanage began in 1994!

    If you are interest in helping with any of these needs or would like more information, please, call Stephanie 409.898.1937.

    Thank you for your faithfulness,


Stephanie, Donna, and I will take the medical equipment to India December 26.  The largest obstacle to this plan is travel expenses. 

Update from India

We received this email:

On the same night you spoke with me in the phone, a lady of a small daughter died in the remote village, due to bleeding. the people were so ignorant of the medication. we as family went to the funeral we literally cried about the situation and the little baby girl who lost her mum was 9months. we told the community to think if you bring the girl to us  we will see she gets fed and shelter and education. and who knows the Lord may make good doctor for the such community to care for the destitute women.

Then we prayed at that community if God willing we will have medical assistance to such communities. We are thinking and praying for the mobile medical unit for such people we will get back to you with more detailed information but we request you to kindly pray for and for the communities. 

Regards to ever one and to Nirmala Prashanthi, may the Lord bless you. 

Hoping to hear from you. 

In Christ. 

Pst. Ashir and GCM family.