September 12 - 26, 2003
God has formed the team, and what a dynamic team it is.  We are so proud of our youngest team member, Dallas Carder, 14.  She worked all year to raise funds for her trip.  We know she will be a wonderful blessing to the Russian kids she will meet, but most of all, she is our first "Growing Giants for Jesus" teenager.  As we have strived to grow the kids of Russia in our Lord, the vision came, why not "Grow Giants" among our kids!  Dallas is our first "seedling" planted in the rich soil of Russia.  Pray for her journey to be safe and life changing.

We have several newcomers to the team:

  • Dr. Joe Finley will be our lead medical team member.  He has been a valued supporter of Treasures and now he will see the fruits of his labor.  He is a walking wounded, as he was run over by a car several years ago, breaking both his legs.  This is a step of faith to join the team, please pray for his health.
  • Josh and Jennifer Pond are coming from school in California to join the team.  Josh is studying the Orthodox church.  He will have the opportunity to visit several Russian Orthodox churches in our travels.  They will be a testimony to the young people they will meet.
  • Paul and Lila Pond got caught up in the fun of the team planning.  So much so, they are joining the team!  They are already Giants for Jesus...we are thrilled to have them be a part of this trip.
  • KoKo Hampton is an anesthesia nurse joining the medical team.  KoKo just lost her husband this year.  She wants to be a blessing to the kids, a true sacrifice.  We know God has a place for her on this team.
  • Cathy Thomas, daughter of Bud and Barbara Liming, is coming from Kansas City to join the team.  We are confident she will bring the joy of the Lord to our kids in Russia.

Team members returning for the third time:

  • Bud Liming, has such a heart for missions as he works with so many local projects.  Those babies are drawn to his gentle spirit.  We just love watching the love "ooze" from him as he holds the tiny orphans.  Bud's dream was to bring yo-yos to all the boys.  We found enough yo-yos and our guys are all learning the fine art of yo-yoing so they can teach the kids.
  • Billy Doornbos is once again sharing his gift with Treasures.  Billy has the gift of fund raising, what a joy he experiences as he makes the purchases, instead of sending money.  He bought a car for the orphanage in Republic of Georgia, computers, shoes...the list goes on and on.

Team members returning for the second time:

  • Barbara Liming may be a tiny woman but she is a giant among shoppers!  She had so much fun as we took her underground to purchase leggings for the babies.  Having four girls of her own, on this trip Barbara is starting a new ministry of spending quality time with the girls. We have spent 6 months teaching the kids dental care and hygiene, now we will begin the fun stuff.  Barbara's idea has birthed a new activity, manicures!  As the ladies give manicures to the girls they can share the love of Jesus by giving scriptures about hands.  What a servant's heart, as Jesus washed feet, they will wash hands!
  • Ray Carder, Dallas' dad, is a carpenter by trade and he loves working at the orphanages.  Ray is self-employed, if he does not work, he does not earn.  His family is sacrificing so he can be a part of this team.  Remember to pray for them as they keep the home fires burning.
  • Jessica Robbins, last but not the least, is taking on a new hat this trip.  Last trip she painted murals to the delight of the kids and staff.  This trip she will use her considerable talents to head up Vacation Bible School.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and we are beyond thrilled she is returning to Barskoe Gorodische.  Once again, her family is sacrificing so that she can make a difference in the lives of our kids.  Please remember her husband and two kids as she is working for Jesus.

Have you seen the thread running through each team member?  Sacrifice...whether it be financial, health, business, or family, each person is paying a price to minister to orphans a world away.  PLEASE, lift them, their individual gifts, and their families to the Lord each day.  Your prayers are the glue that binds the team.

Projects we hope to accomplish this trip:

Barskoe Gorodische

  • Purchasing woodworking tools to teach a new trade to the boys
  • Commercial ovens <Praise God...fully funded>
  • Commercial freezer  <Praise God...fully funded>
  • Playground equipment
  • Remodel the gym for winter entertainment

Street Kids' Home in Vladimir

  • Bedding for the new bunk beds we purchased <Praise God...fully funded>
  • Clothes and shoes

Vladimir Baby House

  • Antibiotics
  • Desitin
  • Cloth Diapers <Praise God...fully funded>

Vladimir Children Hospital

  • Bedding

Home Visits

  • Food for single moms and widows

Oleg Bobkin (Voronezh Ministries)

  • Digital camera will save money on film and processing.  Oleg keeps us up to date on how he uses the gifts we send him for his ministries.
    (If you have a used digital camera you no longer need, we can give you a tax credit for donating it.)

Anna Boys' Prison

  • Musical instruments
    (If you have any gathering dust in your closets, we can give you tax credit for donating instruments.  Please keep in mind they must fit into a suitcase.  A guitar would be wonderful.)
  • Computer
  • School Supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Socks and underwear

Dubovka Baby House

  • Antibiotics
  • Desitin
  • Cloth Diapers <Praise God...half funded>
  • Clothes
  • Bedding