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Providing Humanitarian Aid for Orphans, Sick Children, and Children in Need.
Russia, Republic of Georgia, Sri Lanka, India, and Haiti

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Republic of Georgia

We are praising God and jumping up and down!!

When we visited Greg Jenkins in Tbilisi, Georgia in March 2001, we shared with him that God had opened doors for Treasures at our local hospital. Greg told us that there was only one respirator in the entire country of Georgia. We told him we would find one. Phyllis Bairrington and Nellie Mitchell, friends of Treasures, went into action. They asked all the departments for help. Phyllis called and asked, "Let me get this straight, you want that big machine? You know they are really big machines?" I said, "Yes, and we have a really big God." Harry Azlin, a representative for Nellcor Puritan Bennett (a respirator company), asked Shelly Cooper at the hospital, if she knew anyone who needed a respirator. Phyllis already made our needs known to Shelly. It is just almost more than we could stand. He had 3 he needed to give away! So, we claimed all three in the name of Jesus! We believed for one, but hoped for 3. Mr. Azlin was to call Phyllis, but she did not hear from him. Sunday, we just reminded God how much we wanted those respirators. Come to find out, he had 4!!! Howard drove to Houston and got all of them! We continue to stand in awe of the faithfulness of our God, the wonderful group of people He has put together, and the excitement of serving Him. Greg has a shipping container going to Georgia the summer of 2001, therefore, shipping will be easy and free.

We are grateful for the support from Kent Hartell and Lynn Boimilla. Kent manages BioMed for 2 area hospitals.  He provided manuals and spare parts for the respirators.  Lynn, Supervisor of Customer Service for Hudson RCI, donated 2 cases of tubing for the respirators.  These seemingly "small" pieces made the puzzle complete. 




The respirators have reached their new home at the Military Hospital in the Republic of Georgia.  Because of the medical supplies given to TOTH and shipped to Georgia, Greg Jenkins was allowed to put a Bible, in the Georgian language (a treasure beyond measure), in EACH hospital room.  For all the supporters who passed our needs to listening ears, we thank you...and Georgia thanks you.



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