On December 26, while traveling across the Czech Republic into Frankfurt, Germany, we learned about the earthquake and tsunami.  For the next 6 days, we were in the "Russian news vacuum".  When we arrived in Moscow, the first thing we did was find English speaking news channels.  We watched for 2 days, soaking in all the information we could. 

At one point, Donna and I sat in amazement as either BBC or CNN showed a Sri Lankan man telling about the orphanage he built for the children who lost their parents in the civil war.  It wasn't just that his story was so powerful, telling of how he gathered the orphans into a tiny boat to face down the tsunami, but the passion he spoke with, as he told of his faith, was undeniable. 

Over the next two weeks, the man was on our hearts...you know, orphans and all.  When we returned home, we talked to Stephanie about the story.  She had seen the man's sister telling his story.  Now, the chase was on, we had to find him.  An internet search was easy enough; there was Pastor Dayalan Sanders and his incredible testimony. 

Dr. Joe Finley, TOTH's doctor of record, was also looking for a way to help.  But, money was not his first choice, he wanted to go.  He found a group from Texas, YWAM, making a First Response trip to Sri Lanka, on January 24 - February 9...he signed up.

As we visited with him on Sunday morning, he was teasing me about my mugging experience in St. Petersburg, "Don't get in any trouble while I am gone. Or go with me!"  Donna said, "Can he go?"  "Why not?" We knew immediately, yes...I had to go. 

We stepped out in faith. Having just returned from Russia, money was, well...non-existent.  It never is, at a time like this. But, as usual, when God calls you to a work, He has the finances to make it happen. Today, most of the money has come in, some from sources who know me, and some from sources who never heard my name.  God is always faithful to provide when we are willing.

Linda Finley, Dr. Joe's wife, who is an R.N., has joined our tiny group.

It was an amazing time.  Where we believed Howard was going to help Pastor Sanders, God had another plan.  The pastor in Ambalangoda who helped YWAM with all the families in need, Yogesh Mudalige was our "divine appointment".