Thieves and Drought - No Match for Prayer

When we visited last September, Barskoe was faced with a dismal potato harvest.  It was the second year in a row they lost the mainstay for the winter months.  The previous year's crop had been stolen from the ground.  This year they suffered a drought for 74 days.

We traveled to the potato field to ask God to bless the next year's crop.  We prayed over the fields as the Russian harvesters stopped and watched. 

We returned home with a burning desire for God to use this as a teaching for the "watchers" and the school workers.  We handed out 100's of Prayer Cards to remind our "Friends of Treasures" to pray.  A downloadable card was placed on the web site.  Now the hard part, waiting.

When we returned to Russia in February, Director Alex raised his hand to heaven and proclaimed, "It rained the next day...I knew it was your God!"  Again, we wait.

The wait is over!  The crop is in. 

E-mail and photos have arrived...

From Barskoe Gorodische near Suzdahl,Russia,

"This year orphanage in Barskoye had best potato's harvest in the area. Director Alex axplane it as a result of their prayers which done last fall right on their field.  They have better and bigger ammount of potato's this year comparing last year, and also much better harvest then anybobies in the area.  This year most people have bed harvest of potato's.  In fact some people reap even less then they saw in the spring.  Barskoye orphanage have toldly different testimony from everybody else."  

The crops of those who watched from their fields on either side, as we stood and prayed, failed. We are rejoicing and thanking God for His faithfulness, as our "little band of merry adventurers" strive to hear His voice and walk in faith.

But most of all, we are honored to call all of you Partners in Faith.

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Stephanie, Howard, and Donna