May 1, 2003

Voronezh Children's Hospital

Voronezh Children's Hospital has been a continuing mission field for Treasures.  We have been allowed to minister to gravely ill children and their parents by praying for and giving Bibles to them.  The staff provides a room for a gospel service, clowning, and giving small gifts to the children.  Doctors, patients, and parents have been lead to the Lord through this ministry.

Through our supporters, we have been able to supply the hospital with chemo, medications, supplies, palm pilots, current medical text books, medical equipment, and a computer with internet access  On our trip last October, we met with the hospital administrator.  He asked if we could help the hospital by providing some much needed equipment.  We have translated his desires as best we can.  Here in America, hospitals and doctors update their equipment periodically.  The equipment they replace, having no further benefit to them, is badly needed in Russia.  If you have a source for any of the following equipment, please call Stephanie at (409) 898-2847

  • 32 channel digital EEG "Neurofax EEG-5532" with a system of registration of patients "Neuropak MEB -5304K" or similar.
  • Hematology Analyzer.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) machine. Cardio-monitor for use during surgical procedures.
  • Sterilizer for medical supplies and instruments
  • Dia-thermocoagulator.
  • Ultra-sound scanner.
  • Two computers - Due to difficulty in transporting (damage to the computers in suitcases), we found it is best to purchase computers in Russia. Believe it or not, we can buy an excellent system for $600.

Dr. Sergey Manuhkin, Neonatologist Vladimir Children's Hospital

Dr. Sergey is so very dear to our hearts.  He cares for the tiny babies, sometimes without the tools we take for granted.  At times, surgery cannot be performed because there are no sutures to stitch up the incisions.  We were given 2 Pulse Oximeters and a case of Pedi Pulse Oximeter finger probes for Dr. Sergey which we delivered in March.  He was so grateful for this "new" equipment and supplies.   We have recently received 2 more new Pulse Oximeters  to take in September.  His greatest needs are:
  • NICU Incubators with all the works
  • Warming beds
  • Neonatal monitors
  • Neonatal C-PAP ventilators

Continuing Needs for Vladimir & Voronezh Children's Hospital

  • All types and sizes of sutures
  • Pedi IV Catheters
  • Blood Tubing
  • Blue O2 tubing for incubators

Do not underestimate your part

The most "insignificant" support is often life changing, if not life saving.  The smallest of efforts are greatly appreciated.  Even the impossible becomes fact as the need is shared from one person to the next.  The greatest accomplishments have been achieved because one person told another, who told another, who overheard someone else's conversation and that person had a resource.  So, talk it up!

Still, the greatest asset we have is to pray to our merciful Father, Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  He knows where all this "useless" equipment is, we just need the road map.  So, pray it up!

We thank you in advance for your help, one more time.