"Hot off the press!" ..... Urgent Prayer Request from Peter concerning India
UPDATE: 1-11-2004  India Update:  The electricity is installed and functioning!
In March of 2003, we requested your prayers regarding electricity connection to the property where we are building a "House of Hope" home for 32 street children in Muranpur, near Raichur, India.

Peter Churms, Stephanie's brother, has just returned from India.

He wrote:
"Glory of Glories, the electricity transformer was being connected.  Two years and NO
bribes later the electricity is now at the building site!!"

Thank you all for your faithful prayers...

Believing in miracles, yes, and seeing them on a regular basis, to the Glory of God!


The parts are in place for the electricity to the House of Hope in India.  We are waiting for the inspector to give the final approval to connect the power.  The project is at a standstill, the inspector has his hand out (payoff).  Until his "fee" is paid he refuses to give approval for the final connection.  God cannot be bribed.  We would have to rob the children of India to line this man's pockets.
The well has been dug, the pump is waiting for electricity to pump the water.  Without water, concrete cannot be mixed for the foundation, therefore construction cannot begin on the House of Hope.
We are praying God will bring conviction on this man's heart, if not unto salvation, at least to soften his heart for the needs of the children.  Join with us in this full frontal assault.
Our original commitment was for $25,000 for the construction of House of Hope (with an outhouse) to house 20 street children.  After prayful consideration, the plans were redrawn to enlarge the building.  Now, there will be room for 32 children and the toilets will be indoors. The cost per child went from $1,250 to $1,000, what a God thing!  Once again, or should we say, "As usual", we stand amazed.  God has a plan...the project is over half paid for without fund raising.
Meanwhile, the kids continue their schooling, with a Christian teacher, in the cow shed.  Lalitha, a former street kid (our nurse in training), is in her second year of university funded by Treasures.  Shadrack and Gladys are seeking the Lord for Christian house parents to care for the kids when the House of Hope is completed.
We have given you all this information to better understand the urgency caused by one man's greed.
Peter (Stephanie's brother) , our "India Connection",  asks for prayer for Shadrack and his helpers to not become discouraged.  Pray for them everyday so they will not weary in well doing!  Remember, they are surrounded by Hindu and other religions, and Christian brotherhood and support are hard to come by in their neighborhood. This has been a 9 year struggle for them.  Sometimes the last few miles are the hardest.
As in many parts of the world, these precious children in India live in unacceptable, if not inhumane, conditions.   God can transform their existence with a few willing vessels.  It is our time to stand in the
gap for these kids, no... for our Lord.