Treasures is
on the road again...

March 17 to March 24

The Lord has provided for an Easter/Seed Trip to Russia.  Stephanie, Donna, Howard, and Harold, aka  "Seed Man", will depart March 17 for Vladimir, Russia.  We will spend the week between Barskoe and the Vine Church. 

The Vine church were our hands and feet for the Christmas party in January.  The youth from the Church made a Christmas party more than we could have hoped for.  

  • They had a candlelight dinner with all types of food and fruit.
  • A 15 pound Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.  Each child had a candle to blow out.
  • The nativity was performed with handmade costumes for the children to wear. 
  • We purchased 10 sleds and 15 snow discs for the beautiful hills behind the school house. 
  • Plenty of crafts to do.
  • At bedtime, the younger children were tucked into their beds and read a story.
  • The older kids were treated to music.

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It was a blessed day for the kids and the church.  We just could not stand not being there, so we called Russia after we were "sure" the party was over.  To our surprise, they were just leaving the orphanage at 9:45 P.M., their time.  The van was electrified with the joy of the Lord.  We are praising God, the Vine members have fallen in love with the orphans.

A Treasures' partner has provided funds for an Easter party for the kids.  Each child will receive:

  • A cross necklace
  • A cross bookmark for  their new Bibles
  • Howard is sharpening his Russian so that he can read The Easter Story, in Russian!
  • Harold will be the director of egg art.  He will teach the kids how we color Easter eggs.
  • 400 plastic Easter eggs to hunt, goodies, and fruit.
  • Dinner

 We are beyond thrilled to be allowed to share the party with the kids. 


The Vine has begun a new street kid ministry.  They have rented an apartment and placed a Christian couple in it to care for three children.  We have provided coats and boots for these children.  We will spend time with the church as we seek the Lord as to how we may join in this ministry with them.  We have great respect for Pastor Victor and his wife Annya.  Treasures has been praying for an avenue to help our orphans transition from orphanage life to adult living.  They need a Christian halfway house to provide safety while they attend school and learn a trade. 

It is amazing, as we set the date to leave, the trip began to unfold before our eyes.

  • Harold will be taking turnips, beans, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, squash, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, beets, watermelon, tomato, tomatillo, Chinese okra, cantaloupe, celery, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, beets, mustard, peppers, squash, kale, endive, pumpkins, kohl, and flowers.
  • We have been given 2 computers for Anna's boys prison.
  • ...and we have only had our tickets 5 days!

Some things we are seeking.  Dr. Sergey, our neonatal doctor has asked for the following:

  1. Scrubs for Dr. Sergey and his wife Nadya
  2. Pulse Oximeter
  3. Sutures (catgut, ethilon, vicryl), suture needles
  4. Surgical masks, shoe covers, caps
  5. Uniforms for doctors and nurses

If you have resources for any of these (in the box and unexpired), please call Stephanie 898-2847 or email

Please, pray for:
  • hearts to be changed
  • wisdom and discernment
  • safety and health.