Update on Dr. Joe from his wife, Linda:

Hi everyone,
Joe did really well with the surgery. WE got to come home Thursday afternoon. He gets quite tired after he exercises two x a day, but he is determined to get that leg straight and is doing great!!! PT comes M-W-F. Right now he is mostly sleeping when he can since he didn't get much of that in the hospital!!!! No elevated temp in the last 2 days, so praise God for that!!!!!
Thank everyone for the prayers. We could feel the calming peace that Jesus gives. Everyone that had anything to do with his care could not have been kinder!!!!He even talked with his doctor about doing his other knee in the future....Praise God!!!!!!!  HE IS always FAITHFUL and his timing is ALWAYS perfect!

Please, remember him in his recovery.

Thank you for your faithfulness,


Dear friends,

In December of 1995, Dr. Joe Finley, a long time supporter of Treasurers, had a life changing occurrence.  As he was leaving the hospital late one night,  he stepped in front of a car.  He was propelled into the windshield and over the roof of the vehicle.  He suffered two broken legs, an upper back  fracture, and a long facial laceration, but by God's grace he suffered no paralysis.  His neurosurgeon said had his head moved a few inches to one side or another during the time he was airborne he would have probably been paralyzed. 

Dr. Joe was able to return to work after 6 weeks!  Over the last eight years, his knees have not fared very well.  He joined our Mission Trip to Russia last September.  It was a step of faith and dedication to subject his body to the rigors of the trip.  It warmed our hearts as he was able to witness to doctors who have lost the joy of their professions.  He shared how an old car had put the peace of God back into his life.  He was like a kid in a candy store, as he supplied doctors and hospitals with the equipment we were blessed to bring with us.

Dr. Joe needs us now!  We have been seeking God for his healing, as his knees have worsened.  He will be healed tomorrow, as he is having knee replacement surgery.  PLEASE, join us in hounding God for his complete, pain-free recovery!  We will give God the glory!  Dr Joe said, "Now I often remember the verse, " They that wait upon the LORD shall
renew their strength; they shall mount up with wing as eagles ; they shall run and not be weary , and they shall walk and not faint " !  We will claim the verse for him.

On our recent trip to Russia, Dr Joe awoke early one morning for his quiet time with the Lord.  We were on an overnight train to Voronezh when he looked out the window of his cabin.  

Seeing what appeared to be a message written by the finger of God, this sojourner saw two crosses, the foot of one pointed to Voronezh, the direction we were traveling. Hearing a whisper in his heart, "I've taken up My cross.  Are you going to take up yours?"  He was reminded of Jesus' words "...take up your cross daily..."

Returning home, he commissioned a local artist to recreate what he saw in the Heavens.