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God Had a Plan

Our minds were on feeding, housing, and clothing children...but God wanted His Word in the people's hand.

After hearing our report, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, in Beaumont, gave Treasures a grant to purchase Bibles. We were able to purchase Bibles for:

  • Oleg Bobkin's Prison Ministry

  • Oleg's Street Kids Ministry

  • The Vine Church in Vladimir, was thrilled, as they had only 10 Bibles in the entire church!

  • The Youth Ministry in Vladimir, Russia

  • Children's Hospital in Voronezh, Russia

  • Pastor Vasilly in Minsk, Belarus

  • The children a the future orphanage in India

  • Pastor Allen Crosby from Friendship Baptist in Georgia used them in his ministry in Russia

As God brought people into our path, we were able to give them beautiful Bibles. Bethlehem saw the need.

Friendship Baptist Church, in Beaumont, gave a grant to purchase Georgian Bibles. These are a real treasure, as they are the first full Georgian language Bibles. Until they regained their freedom, Russian was their "native" tongue, and printed page. We give them to churches along with reading glasses. We also provided children's Bibles to Bodbe Orphanage.
Friendship saw the need.

In Mississippi, Jerry and Vi Graham wanted to help, after viewing our web site. He found over 7,000 Bibles Paul Lemon had printed at East European Harvest. They gave them to us, and Paul paid the expenses for friends of Treasures, who saw the need, to drive to Mobile, Alabama to pick them up. They drove them to Springfield, Missouri so that they could catch the next container shipped, by Convey of Hope, to Greg Jenkins, in the Republic of Georgia. They brought back 1,000 Russian Bibles for Minsk, Belarus.
They saw a need.

Do you get the feeling...just open a door for the Lord...He has the Plan! Try as we may, to be ready for God's plan, we do not see every need. But, God is watching and filling those needs. We are amazed as we watch God move people all over the world to help this "little" group.

Whether to children or harden criminals, Oleg hands out Bibles in all the prisons he visits.

A team member snapped this photo in the Republic of Georgia.  He is one of our armed guards reading the children's Bible we brought.

Voronezh Children's Hospital

Street Kids

These are church members at the Vine Church in Vladimir, Russia.  There were only 10 bibles in the church
before we were able to provide each family with a new Bible.