We had girlie jeans, boy jeans, carpenter jeans, toddler jeans, you name it jeans, and ever child got at least one new pair.  The most important part, they got to "shop" and choose the jeans they wanted.  In a world with no choices, what a thrill.  You all made it possible, once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Well, folks, itís that time of year. We are busy planning, shopping, and packing to take Christmas to our orphans in Russia.
One of our goals each year is to bring them one gift they can only dream about. This year, we want to take jeans from America. We have purchased jeans in Russia, only to find quality lacking. They tend to be too lightweight for winter wear, and donít wear for long.

Weíre hoping to provide 250 pair, a NEW pair of jeans for each child. We have already received 29 pair, and we are just now sharing our dream! The ages of kids range from 4 to 16 (they are under nourished, therefore, smaller than our kids), so we are asking for sizes 4 to 14, both girls and boys.

When we began Treasures, we believed God called us to "First Fruits" when caring for our orphans. As one Russian asked, "Why do you care about our garbage?" Simple, we know God cares about everyone one of those kids. Treasures has always provided the same quality of clothing, food, toys, and remodeling we would want for our children and grandchildren. We are taking only new jeans for our orphans.

We are very excited to be taking a pastor, Jan Kenworthy, and a worship leader, Angela Pickering, making her second trip with Treasures, to present the Christmas Story. Their gifts, along with our Russian team, will be a blessing for the kids, as well as us. After the program, the kids will be treated to a Christmas feast and treats.
Each year, the teachers tell us the kids look forward to our visit all year. What a privilege and responsibility! Weíve even had the kids tell us they are more excited about our visits, than their own families. Quite humbling, to say the least.

This year, in addition to Barskoe Gorodische, near Suzdal, we will be adding an orphanage we found in the little town of Nevel. Itís just a hop, skip, and a 12 hour train ride jump west of Moscow. We are excited about the new opportunity to meet the needs of kids without hope.

If you would like to donate to this mission, please, contact Stephanie at 409.898.1327.  We depart for Russia on December 25 and return January 7.  We covet your prayers as we journey into the unknown region of Pskov, to a town called Nevel.  We are seeking God's will regarding the needs of this orphanage. 


If you would like a poster for your church or organization, call 409.898.1937.