Vladimir, Russia August 4, 2005
Photos from Vitaly

A private bathroom...

more than we dreamed.

We just could not wait for the refrigerator and stove to be delivered before we showed you the progress!!  Zhanna and Andrey now have a kitchen and bathroom.  You have no idea what all of you have done to provide this young sister and brother a future.  We are so proud of Vitaly, Dima, and our supporters for helping TOTH move quickly to rectify horrendous living conditions.

We are, also, celebrating Zhanna passing the entry exam for acceptance into university.  She has a TOTH sponsor who has paid her tuition and will cover their living expenses.

Andrey will continue his education in a school for exceptional kids.  He is gifted in math and has been accepted into a program to further those skills.

Photos from the apartment as we found it.

Photos from our trip in June.