Treasures Medical Mission to Russia - June 2005

Delivering the medical 

Well, isnít that special? Three weeks before we left for Russia, the hospital director who originally requested the EEG machine told us it was no longer needed. If you think that surprised us, you can appreciate the confusion of the Pediatric Neurologist who was going to use the equipment. To her knowledge, they still did not have one. But, such is life with certain administrators.

In the natural, it would appear all our searching, planning, and organizing was for nothing! We had paid in advance reservations for the hotels and the trains from Amsterdam, through to Moscow. Do we go to Amsterdam? Do we need the equipment after all? We fell back on our old standard, pray for wisdom and discernment. We knew God had a home for the equipment, we just needed to know the address.

We have helped a surgical nurse, Nadia, with sutures and scrubs, over the years. NADIA! Ask Nadia if her hospital needs the EEG. The answer came back the day we sent the email, YES. Next, we needed the hospital to request the equipment so customs would not hassle us at the border. Within two weeks, we had the original document, signed and stamped, in our hands, in Texas. A major feat.

When we arrived at the hospital, we were ushered onto a second floor lobby to meet the Chief of Staff and all the doctors and nurses. As we visited with the Chief, he detailed their great needs. He told us he was a Christian and how much he appreciated the supplies. We asked if they had a pediatric floor. Pediatric floor? Itís a PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL! Praise God, Treasures found a new home.

Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Unpacking the loot Greetings The team and staff  
Nadia, (left) was touched Richard listens Everyone listens Stylin' in our blue
suede shoes
We were honored to be allowed to enter the surgical wing of the hospital, a privilege few are given.
Hall outside
operating room
Sparsely furnished operating room
Wall tiles have been placed on the floors Paint peeling off the wall and window seals
        Equipment storage
As bleak as this appears, it is the cleanest hospital we have been invited to observe.  It gives us hope that whatever help we can provide, it will be used, cared for, and appreciated.

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