Barskoe Gordische
Bathroom Project

We have received a pledge for Commercial Dryer!
Funds are continuing to come in for the showers.


Bodbe Orphanage
Bedding Project

We have received 1/2 the needed funds to purchase new bedding for the new beds donated to Bodbe in the Republic of Georgia

Opportunity to PRAY
for our Grant Writers

Please continue to pray for our grant writer.  We had another person volunteer her services to help look for grants

Opportunity to HELP

Donation of air miles


God is in control.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." Zech 4:6.

We spent yesterday in Sugar Land and Stafford, TX at the invitation of Pastor Monty Kelley.  Pastor Monty has been on 3 mission trips with us and served on our Advisor Board until he took a position at Calvary church in Stafford, TX.  We shared our vision of Treasures at the Exchange Club and at his church.  It was a wonderful day and we made lots of new friends.

When we share the journey with groups, we always say, "It is not our plans, but God's.  We are not smart enough to put all this together.  We just strive to be obedient in each step we take.  We have learned not to move until we are sure it is God opening the door."  When people ask, "When is the next trip?" our answer is, "We don't know."  We thought June was our next trip, but it wasn't.  ALL the doors were closed, we do not try to pry the doors open...we just wait.  Now we see why the doors were shut. 

  • Howard's dad has 9 toes in Heaven.  Unless God intervenes, he will pass into Glory at any moment. We could not have left his mom at this time.
  • On Easter Sunday, we (Howard and Donna) found out our 29 year old daughter, has Myasthenia Gravis and will require surgery this month.  We could not have left our kids at this time.
  • Stephanie thought she would be able to move along the process for the adoption of 10 year old Tasha. But, Tasha's mother has disappeared again.  Tasha has been abandoned by her family to Barskoe for over 2 years.  She can do nothing at this time until the court system removes the mom's rights. 

As you can see, it would have been distressing if we had pushed past God and followed our own desires. 

The lesson we have learned is our protection is in obedience.  Last night, a missionary, home from India because of health, asked, "How do you get all the dental supplies into Russia?"  We can because of the protection we "banked" because we were obedient in our planning. 

Today, as we were coming down off the "high" of the opportunity to widen our outreach, God showed us how He is in control.  Stephanie spoke at the Port Arthur Service League last month.  She was asked if the displays we use in our presentations could be left and shared with another group.  The displays were shown to a group at Lamar.  Someone saw them and was moved.  She called this morning to offer her services for grant writing and pledged to purchase the dryer we have been wishing to add to the new washing machine for Barskoe.  We are honored to be allowed to be a part of God's Treasures of the Heart.  It is so precious, as we thought about those displays moving through community all alone, touching hearts.  Not us, but God.  Lest we forget and think we are Treasures, God whispers..."You do realize I can use cardboard and photos Myself?" We smiled and answered, "Thank you, Jesus, for allowing 3 ordinary people to be a part of this amazing odyssey." 

In His service,
Stephanie, Donna, and Howard
Treasures of the Heart


If you would like to donate to this trip or project, please call:
Stephanie (409) 898-2847 or email: stephanie@treasuresoftheheart.org