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Email Updates - 2009

Dear Friends of Treasures,

We have Good News from Tikhvan Baby House: 

  • Vitaly visited the orphanage and filed the following report: 
I am in Tikhvin and just came back from baby orphanage. It's same type of baby orphanage as Dubovka. I mean they have same type of babies and toddlers. From few months old till almost 5 y.o. Orphanage as I told you before in pretty good shape. They just work for few years. It was found in 1997. They really had bad times in 98 through year of 2000.  Since 2002 they have pretty stable condition. They don't have any need in food or clothes.

They feed babies with baby formula, not potato water. They have enough clothes for babies. Every year state give them new money for those needs.

Needs director shared with me is:

1. Three water heaters. They need them for different rooms. Reason why because they have hot water only for two days every two days. Other words out of four days they have hot water only for two. They need to use local boiler or heater they could use those days. And they need three.  Vitaly went shopping and purchased 3 water heaters and a heater for the isolation room.

Their other needs is:

2. Children's beds. they have those but once they have is pretty old.

3. They need bath for hydro massage

4. Piano their musical worker use accordion and they could do that but they would prefer piano also for children's celebrations.

5. Ironing machine. They have wash machine, spinner and dryer. They need ironing machine to use for disinfection. Some kids have sickness and it's just something that kills all bacteria by hot temperature.

6. They need fix fire alarm system.

That's all the needs director shared with me.

  • We appreciate the honesty of the director.  He did not try and paint a horrible picture, he stated the needs and did not try and take advantage of Treasures.
  • We will visit in January to check on the progress.  Our hope is to replace the baby beds on our visit.

  Donna, Stephanie, and Howard
  Treasures of the Heart Winter Team


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